John Chow is at it again and this time it can win you a possible Zune. What he wants you to do is just post in your blog about the Mircosoft Zune in why doing so link to the blog’s home page using the anchor text “make money on the internet”
and link to the blog post which says Evil Blog Contest-Win A Microsoft Zune. If you do not know what to say here talk about the Zune in the post link drop and your done . Afte you are done with post roll over to JohnChow’s site send him an email with the URL to the post about the Zune. Once he confirms it he will add your name to the draw bucket. So you have nothing to lose and Possibly a Zune to gain.
Prize: Brand New 30GB
Value:According to John’s TTZ Media price index, this prize is worth about $250.00 so it’s definitely worth entering.